In our workshop, we make duplicates of historical pieces which were made in the workshops of Manises from the 14th to the 18th centuries and whose originals are nowadays in the main museums of the world: the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg, etc., besides our own creations.

During the TOUR you will discover, accompanied by the potter himself, a collection of luster pieces, all of them elaborated on the potter’s wheel, freehand painted and fired in third reduction firing. You will be able to know the history of this ceramic technique, of the pieces and their importance through the centuries.
You will enjoy a potter’s wheel and pieces painting exhibition.
You will be able to visit the only wood-fired kiln of luster ceramics that exists in this town.

In the SHOP, you will be able to acquire duplicates of Arturo Mora’s luster ceramic pieces as well as order the piece you like the most, as our art is sent to anywhere in the world.

– Estimated time of the tour around the workshop, factory and exhibition: 1 hour.00102513514[1]