Which is the warranty period?

Offering the maximum quality and the best warranty is our commitment to our clients. All items are guaranteed for two years from the date of delivery, as the applicable Law obliges.

What does not the warranty include?

    • Deficiencies caused by neglicence, blows, incorrect use or handling, wrong use or materials exposed to wear and tear due to normal use are not included.
    • Reflejo Metálico do not take responsibility for delays in the managements of the transportation insurance or other companies. The warranty of the products DO NOT cover damages during the transportation.
    • Any item damaged due to the customer's misuse will not be changed. The user must follow correctly the manufacturer's instructions and respect the minimum security measures. Likewise, any item which does not come in its original packing and with its invoice in perfect conditions will not be changed either.

The warranty shall not apply…

  • If some of its data or the proof of purchase are modified, altered or substituted.

Damage by transport

If when you receive the order, the packaging presents signs of damage, mistreatment or opening caused by transport, DO NOT accept it and leave proof of it by writing the reason and damages down. If you decide to accept it, you must leave proof of the fact before signing the dispatch note delivered by the hauler. If when opening it, you detect flaws, you will have to write an incident report form within the next 24 hours, with complaints to the transportation company and to inform by e-mail to Reflejo Metálico the same day of the order receipt including as much information you consider necessary, pictures included if possible, for managing the complaints and/or pertinent insurances. On the contrary, or after 24h that the transportation company stipulates, Reflejo Metálico will not be able to help you with the management.

Use of the warranty

In those incidents which prove the use of the warranty, it will be opted for a repair, item substitution, discount or reimbursement, in the legally established terms.

Before proceeding to any item return, make contact with us through the e-mail clientes@reflejomandalico.cif indicating the reason for the return and a contact telephone number. The customer service department of our company will reach you for agreeing on the way this return will be effected. Except from an item incorrectly sent, the return shipping fee will be paid by the purchaser. In no case we will accept a package sent to our warehouse with postage due or without having been authorized by Reflejo Metálico.