The Amphora Golden Manises 2015

The Clavaria of Santas Justa y Rufina Manises, has again entrusted to carry Arturo Mora Award L'Àmfora D'or 2015. This year gilt silver metallic reflections that blend perfectly with the blue cobalt what becomes a unique and different piece, like all parts…

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Collection of figures

Figure made together with the sculptor from Manises, Francisco Más, duplicate of a piece from L’Alcora of the 18th century. You can see its original in the Museum of Manises.

Fortuny tile

So much work has been worthy: an image is worth than a thousand words. Copy of the famous Nazari tile. Size: 90x46 centimetres.

Gift for Jordan

This 60-centimetre plate decorated with Arabic calligraphy and Valencian bryony decoration has been created exclusively as a gift for a Jordanian authority.

Restoring the cresting of Saint Nicholas’ church in Valencia

You can already contemplate how the restauration of the gothic cresting in ceramics that Arturo Mora has made in Saint Nicholas’ church in Valencia is going. Arturo Mora is working on the restauration of Saint Nicholas’ church in Valencia, in which the architectural elements such as the cresting shown in the picture are being restored…

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Recovering original decorations of the sixteenth century

Arturo Mora researches and recovers decorations of original pieces of the 16th century after subjecting them to reduction firings again. In these photographs we can see a fragment of “escudella” of the 16th century found in the sadly vanished Obradors neighborhood in Manises. After a very detailed research, the fragment is subjected to a new reduction firing, being able to notice again…

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